the great fever debate

Oh man I have been sick. My fever has been fluxing from 96 degrees to 103 degrees. I think I have the flu. I have not left my bed since Friday. I have now made it to the living room!

This raises a question that always seems to come up between Alex and myself when there is illness in the house.

Our moms did different things with fever, so we think we should do different things.... Alex's mom was pro fever and said cover up get hot and sweat it out... it will kill the bad stuff.

My mom was anti fever so she wouldnt let me cover, and would sponge me with warm (but felt like freezing due to the fever) water to break it asap.

What did your mommie do?


I am moving my blog from BLOGGER to LIVEJOURNAL for security reasons (AKA I dont know that I want all of my students to know every detail of my life -- even as unintresting as it is.) So here I am.
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